Monday, March 12, 2018


Tutorial: Best Practices in Supercomputing Systems Management 

This session will share best practices in supercomputing systems management. In the last few years, our industry has made great progress improving the reliability of very large MPI jobs in our clusters but the challenge still remains on how to best squeeze every last piece of performance out of our systems. Coupled with a changing landscape for the filesystems, the choices we make as HPC professionals becomes more difficult but no less critical.

We are organizing a workshop to share best practices in filesystems monitoring and management and performance management with a focus on the cluster’s health to drive application performance. Experts from ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, PGS, TACC, Rice, Cray & Intel will present and share their experiences on these subjects as well as leading a discussion on remote graphics.

Tutorial: Frameworks & Tools for Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

In this tutorial, we will give a high level overview of some of the most popular open-source platforms for Big Data management and analytics, such as Hadoop and Spark, with a focus on why these platforms have become popular and where they can be useful.  We will give an overview of the Spark programming interface, and consider some examples of Spark source codes.  Then we will switch gears to deep learning. We will talk about different architectures for deep learning including CNNs, RNN, adversarial networks, and how we can easily train these complex models over Keras using popular frameworks like  tensor-flow.

*The sessions run concurrently, you will only be able to attend one.  Refreshments and lunch will be provided to Tutorial attendees.

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